1. July 2018

What has happend in June

Well as you all know from last month, we annouced that we have some good things happening in this month,
so here is what has happend. First and formost, we talked about some live streaming in our last blog.
That was done by A. Lavintol Designs , and it took almost 8-9 hours total.
Larvantholos made our Logo for Vivanox, which is really important.

Team Vivanox and others were there, and we had alot of fun on the LIVE Stream.
We talked with alot of different people, even some of the freelancers that are helping were on the stream as well.
But also Larvantholos from A. Lavintol Designs, was very helpful and advising, to new people, that didn’t know that much about 3D.

If you want to watch the live stream, then you can head over to this link here:

Also we like to say thank you to the group 3D Character Art .
This group is mostly for Character/Creature Artist and there is alot to learn in that group.
If you are someone that is skilled in the 3D art, you should try to join this group, we always learn something new each day.

Also [CC-Kobi] has been doing alot of different things for us. And when we say alot,
we mean alot that we cannot go into detail about at the moment.
But what we can talk about, is the new level.
A couple of screenshots have already been uploaded to Facebook, and more will come.

[CC-Kobi] and some others, are trying to help us with setting up a Patreon and Kickstarter,
so we can start showing it all for you people out there.
Also the rumors about getting access to the game are right.
There are certain ways to get access to the game.

We also had another freelancer called Clay from Wicked Trends, that has helped us out, to make a special creature.
We cannot show you that much of the creature yet, but it is working.
Clay did a wonderfull job not olny with making this creature, but also adding Skeletal rigging and animations to it.
The results are just perfect. We would like to thank the community for helping us out and getting some new freelancers on the team.
Also all the extra shares of our facebook page. It is really nice to see all that activity.

We have also updated our Link section, check it out, maybe you find something you like or need.

That was it for now.
Zee yaa all in next month

Best Regards