1. June 2018

What has happend in May

We have some very positiv news, we finally got our Animations,
and have added them to our project.
So things has started to look a little more positiv. πŸ˜‰

While we have been working, to setup the animations,
also we have been contacted by a couple of different freelancers.

Which lead to some talks, and after we finally settle for a good deal.
This means, that we have updated some of our levels,
with more props, and other exciting things. πŸ˜‰
All of this, is being done by a freelancer called [CC] – Kobi ,
and we are adding his portfolia to our link section.

Meanwhile all of this has happen,
Pallyqle and Miscni has be working their butts off, to modify certain things in the game.
Only thing that has lead them to a standstill,
that we are still wainting on the Web-Designer/Integrator. ,
yes that means, we ”still” dont have a functional forum/login system for you users.
But we are working on it, but if any of you readers out there, know anybody who knows,
how to work with webdesign and webcodeing, then please send them our way.

Also we have started to post new updates on facebook,
mainly for keeping the community updated, with small things, that made a difference.
We are not able to do it each week, but we will try to do the best we can.

We can also inform ,that Vivanox are takeing a new direction,
so in a VERY near future, you all are going to be invited to a LIVE Stream,
where you can ask questions, but also see, what kind of direction that we are takeing.

Thats it for now.