4. May 2018

What has happen in April

Sorry for being late, with our monthly blog, but things has been tricky and challengeing in this month.

We have been set on hold, because we were waiting on some results back from a third party, but that has given us different issues.

First and foremost, we have been struggeling with our animations for a while, some things work, and other things dont.

Since we are waiting on those animations, we just started to look over other things, that needs fixing ingame. (Bug hunting 🙂 )
Which also, has been seeing on our facebook page.

We started to upgrade our 2xBase Models.
That means: (Jail , Spawn) , has been updated.
They have a much better look now, and textures matches better to the object.

We are still on the lookout for certain people, who might be interested to join our team.

Sadly we can inform, that we are on the lookout, for a webdesigner/webintegrator.
That also means, our work with the original website, has been postpone.

There are many other things happening, that we cannot go into detail with.
But we are doing the best we can, to stay floating.

Thats it for now.