1. April 2018

What has happen in March

What has happened in March!

So as some of you know, we have had some testing, and right now, we are at a standstill….
Main reason for this is, that some standard components was missing in the current levels 🙂

(Level 1-2-3) is being reworked, but we have also experienced funny issues with our Bots. 🙂
And as you all know, we LOVE to debug the issues :).

So because of these minor setbacks, we haven’t completed so many things, as we hoped for. 🙁
We are still in the progress, to get our animations fixed. And things take time. And a lot of focus was redirected to different matters.

The website department, has been one of our bigger issues, but this have to work properly before we can move forward.

Things in the gamedesign are starting to look good. But we decided to make some compromises: Our main focus are the first (8 functional/playable Characters).

But things are starting to look better.
And we are working on, to keep you all better updated on our facebook, twitter and google+

That was it for now.