1. March 2018

What has happen in February

Well our team, has been working hard to get some things to work properly.
So lets start from the top.

Webdesigner are working hard, to get it everything working correctly,
with our game, that means: User Registrering, forums and Redeem code.

Also webshop is being looked at, but it does not have main priority,
only our Redeem Code section are being worked on.

HOC had also got some changes, that has to work with the
webintegrators work, that also includes our launcher.

So we have decided to clear our DB for all users,
and start a total new registration setup,
ofourse people that has applyed for Aplha test, are still being getting access.

We still have alot of work to get done, mainly 3D design, Enviroment landscape,
and other stuff under that section, but as we have mention a couple of times before,
we are in need of certain people, with different skillset.

Well that is it for now