1. January 2018

What has happen in November and December

We have been busy theese 2 months. As you all know from last month, that we had to
rearrange our website-team.

So some of the other members are leanding a hand. That has lead to a little list, that we need finish first,
so first priority right now, is to setup the forum. When that is done, then we move on to our second issue.
Since our forum is not working properly, it has been arranged, that G-surf are willing,
to lend a hand, so right now, we are using their forums, until ours are ready.
Sadly right now, it is only the first round of testers, that has access to that section.
But it is progressing.

The second issue, is our launcher.
We want the launcher, to be easy to use.
Because of different things in the launcher, we find it necessary to make certain changes,
those changes dont take that long, but makeing a design is not always easy, as it may seems.
And when we dont have a artist for that yet, so we use what we have, and try to get the best results.

Sadly we have been informed about some changes at GameByte, that has lead us to make some changes here and there.
All we know is, that the owner from Gamebyte want to sell the place.

But since us from Vivanox dont know, what is going to happen on that front.
It was decided that we remove the ”Gambyte commercial”, that we have ingame.
We wish and hope the best for GameByte
So as things are right now, we do have some spots open for commercials ingame.
Also that we have added other commercials, but we have room for more.
Also we can tell you, that Miscni and Kat_med_hat, and some others from the team, have been
out to promote Vivanox, so that has lead to invitations to various party’s and places.
And alot of people are very curious, and show interest in, what we do, and what we are looking for.

We have also updated our ”Looking for Talent” section.
We are aware, that it doesn’t say much for some people.
Also why we insist on, that if you have any specific questions, then contact us.

Our instagram are soon at 1000 followers, we are so happy to see , it has increased so much.
Thank you so much, all of you that has choosen to follow us, it really helps us alot, that you people, has shown us your support.

We wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

That was it for now, see you all in next month