1. November 2017

What happen in October

Well first and foremost. after all that testing, we had decided that to close the servers for now.
Mainly for 2 reasons, we got alot of feedback on, what to fix and what to change.
But also, we figured out, that some of the changes that we are makeing,
that it would be best to close for the test servers.
We wil let you know, when the servers and our forum are ready, and some other things.
But we are fairly certain, that fixes we are makeing, are something that you all would like.

Also Aki has left the team, we hope an wish the best for her.
So since Aki has left, things needed a change.
So that what Aki was working on, was moved over to Lotd and Kat_Med_Hat.

Mamaqueen has also returned, and are helping us out, with Instagram and Facebook,
and much much more. We are all so glad to see her back in the saddel.
And as always, keep up the good work.
Us fro the team, are so happy, that you have returned.

Tjoepapke has been away for a little while, but he has been trying to help out, the best he could,
Not to mention some new ideas and technics that he had, so ofcourse we had them added,
and that has given the rest of the team some new things to work with.

Pallyqle has also been around, giving a helping hand, because we were at little stuck with some things,
that just didn’t wanna work correctly.
So Pallyqle was thinkering a little with the code, and for some weird reason,
none of the team was surpriced, when we told us what the problem was.

Over a longer periode of time, some of the teammembers, have been in direct contact with a Twitch streamer called vFoxyv.
She has been doing a really good job with her livestreams, and also she has suggested different ideas for our game.
We recommend everybody, to head over to vFoxyv twitch, and have a look at, what she is doing.

That was it for now.

See you all next month