12. October 2017

Warrior Gaming Chair (Sandberg)

I got the pleasure to review the Warrior Gaming Chair from Sandberg. At the moment, I’ve been using the chair for just about 4 months.
This should give a pretty good idea of how the chair will preform over time.
At first, I will make the second unboxing. As previous mention, I am not the first user of this chair.
Rebuilding the chair was not much of a challenge, even without the manual.
The only problem I can forsee, is if you by accident mount the seat in the opposite direction.

What cought me by surprice, was that just 3 months after the first assembling of the chair, there has been formning rust in the screws thresds.
But back to the design of the chair. The chair is constructede by using the armrest as chassis for the seat and backrest.
By this design, you do not get adjustable arm and backrests, but you get a much more sturdy design.
Warrior Gaming Chair has been design grown people up to 150 kilo and has the width, so you do not feel, that you been squished into place.

The chair also feature at tilt function, which can be adjusted to the weight of the user.
In the backrest of the chair you will find a really nice, but passiv lumbar support, which will give the user a nice and rank body possiture when using the chair.
The armrest and sides of the chair is cover with a leather imitation, and the middle of the backrest and seat with fabric.
The leather imitation on the most exposed areas of the chair makes it easilier to keep neat, while the fabric add more comfort to the chair while using it at high temperatures. Other chairs made with solely imitation leather tends to get very warm.

Warrior Gaming Chair has a rather boldy design, much alike the seats you will find in a race car.
You will find many identical details til double, colored seewings and airwent in the backrest.
Unless you really need to refresh your office, speaks the red/black coloration of the chair mostly to the teenage cave.
But due to the ergonomic designfeaturs, none will complain when they have tried it.
There are not many disadvantages by the chair.
Even after using the chair for several months the only issue is that the seat fells a little wobbly on the gas lift.
But on the contrary it is an known issue with most officechairs, that they over time will become loose and tilt from side to side where the seat is joined on the gas lift.

An Other “Issue” I have experienced with the chair is that pets finds it really attractive.
Claws and fur of any kind have always been really bad in any combination with PU leather and black fabric.
It always takes a great deal of effort to keep a chair neat, but Sandberg has possibly chosen some of the best materials, when you cant keep the pets away.
A tightly woven fabric and slick imitation leather makes it a little easier to keep the chair in mint condition.
All in all, Sandberg has come up with at great designed chair, where you can spend a lot of hours, whitout getting too sore.
It is not filled with features, but it makes a pretty good gaming chair, at a price, where most people can afford it.