1. September 2017

What has happened in July and August

First and foremost, we bid a fond welcome to Sarr, our newest team-member in the core team.
Welcome mate, we hope you will enjoy your stay here at Vivanox. We are all so glad, that you are in the team.

Things started out pretty good in July, Pallyqle and Miscni were working hard on the project.
Pallyqle got a ton of fixes made on the project, that we started to let people in, to test the game.
And alot of the different things that were fixed, couldn’t have been done, without PallyQle’s help.

The test results made the core team of the project, decide to change the UI for each team in game.
Miscni was appointed to change the UI for each team.

The UI got changed, and after a couple of tests, the testers started to ask for different things added ingame.
After a week, most of the items the testers asked for was added, and more people joined the testing for our game.

We added several things into the game, not only things that the testers suggested,
but also what the team, found really important to have in the game.

While all of this was being added and fixed, more testers started to ask for a forum,
so they could write their suggestens and bugs to us.

The main reason for this is, that the project core team is not always online, and many of the suggestions/bugs that we needed,
to be informed about, have not always reached us in a timely fashion. So the best way to keep us informed is to use the forum.

After the first 3 weeks, we started to experience some small issues with our matchmakeing system.

Our matchmakeing system is working, but not functioning properly.
But players do have the chance to play against eachother, and also use our lobby.

So when we started to experience problems with the matchmaking system,
we litterally threw everything we had in our hands, and started to focus on that specific issue.
We are aware, that there would be bugs / issues.

We have made some different bug fixing for matchmaking,
but more work is needed, and fixing that issue, has been our primary goal.

So that last couple of days in August had the whole team working like crazy, however we did miss our deadline.

In the start of september however, we got contacted by Lotd, Kevin and Aki aka KakashiDK. They wanted to help out with the proejct.

As some of you may know, Aki and Kevin, are the 2 first people who actually been helping start the original project,
over 5 years ago with Miscni, and alot of things has changed since then.

Lotd and Aki offered to help, so they started to build the forum, and some other things.
And they are doing alot of hard work, for wich they deserve a good amount of credit
And when it comes to front/backend with a website, then Lotd and Aki are pure magicians, and we highly recommend their work to others.

People from the team including Miscni, were happy to see Kevin back in the group, not many know this,
but Kevin have been very supportive over the years, and has also suggested alot of different ideas for the game.

So when Kevin entered the group, he was offered a place in the core Department, which he gladly accepted.
Nice to have you back on the team mate ?? , we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

You all, also need to remember, that all the work, that’s being done, is being done voluntary, so it’s not always easy for us to get everything done as fast as we’d like.

But it lead to, Tjoepapke starting to do many different fixes for two of our levels ingame.
The things he had made, really made difference for the Lobby and Levels.

Meanwhile Tjoepapke has been working really hard on his section, you all have to remember, that some people on the team,
has work and also school to think about. So having the whole team talking with each other, is not always easy, but we manage as best we can.

Miscni approached a guy called Sarr a while back.
Sarr is well know in the UE4 Community, and of course it wasn’t easy to get him on the team, but the rest of the core team,
has been asking for him, for a while ?? So we are all happy for, that he finally joined the team.

A little week after Sarr had joined the team, Kat_med_hat and Miscni had a meeting with an Entrepreneur.
The meeting at the Entrepreneur went really well, but the bottom line is, that so far we are with our game,
has lead to, the fact that we are in need of investors, and also we have talked alot about, putting the game on Kickstarter,
because we are in need of an Animator, Prop designer, C++ coder, and other things.

It has also been decided, that the game is going to be on sale in the near future, price for the game would be 40,- USD. And that is the Pre-Alpha.

Also more information about the game, and what you will get for the 40 USD, is being added to the website when the game is being released.

That was it for now.

See you all in next month