4. July 2017

What has happened June

Well lets start from the top, different things has happend lately. And we are abit overworked, with our different tasks.

As you all may have noticed, Tjoepapke has come back and, and seeing him doing his magic, when he LIVE streams, was something that you the community, and us from the team, have been looking forward to see. Nice to see you back in the saddle matey.

Pallyqle has been working really hard the last couple of weeks, alot of bug fixing and code integration.

So if everything goes as planned, then we will start the final testing, but as you all may know, there are always weird things, that can happend, when it comes to testing. So cross your fingers for us, that it works without any hiccups.

Meanwhile Miscni have been working on some different designs for our Heralds of Cosmos website. Bare ind mind that the Website are still not open to the public.

And as you all know, when it comes to designing a website, things has to be perfect, or almost perfect, and that does give some problems, while the game project itself, are still in testing fase, so many of the textures and models we have, are not suited for website.

Meanwhile Yssing has taken on, a special assignment, we cannot go into details about it just yet.
Some of you may not recall who Yssing is, but we can say this much, that our team a setup with special people, and yes, Yssing is one of those special people, and we are so grateful, that he wanted to join the team.

We have been trying to reach out, to different new sponsors, but we have not been so lucky by getting any answer back.

But we are still very optimistic, even if we dont get any response back.
We keep our heads held high, and hope for the best.

That was it for now.

Best Regards