1. June 2017

What has happened in May

We have had some ups and downs this past month.

So lets start from the beginning.
As you all know, Tjoepapke has been doing a marvelous job, with Streaming, Texturing, Enviroment build, and 3D designing, we could keep going all day, with compliments for his great hard work.

After his long and hard work, Tjoepapke had asked for some time off.
Not to worry, Tjoepapke will return.
And a couple of days after Tjoepapke went on leave, things started to change.

Some of the teammembers had started to noticed over time, that there was something wrong, with the CEO.
It all started, when Miscni had gotten a new sponsor for Vivanox, and yes we are talking about Sandberg.

Sandberg had been so kind and generous, to sponsor us with some (Gamingchairs, wallstickers and banners.)
But the deal was, that we had to write a review about those products.
We had written reviews before, so that was no big deal.

And most of us from the team, were so happy to see, that things had started to look better and better.
It was decided, that Miscni got one of the chairs, and Miscni also agreed to write a review.
The review for the first chair, was ready 5-7 days after Miscni got the chair.
But it was agreed, that the review of both chairs had to be uploaded at the same time.
Sadly is here, where the problems started to emerge.

Problem was, that we still had a second chair, and the second chair was being use by one fror the CEO.
The deal Miscni agreed to, was also the same deal, that the CEO had to do, namely write a review.
And since is was decided that both reviews, had to be uploaded at the same time, meant that Miscni had to sit back and wait for the review from CEO.

The review took the CEO almost 3 months to write, and it was not that the other teammembers, didn’t try to communicate with CEO, but CEO started to come up with so many excuses, that teammembers started to lose faith in the CEO.
Ofcourse the CEO was only 1 person, but no matter how hard Miscni, or the other teammembers tried to communicate, no answer was giving back to them.

It started first with small things, but later on, CEO started more and more to ignorer the coreteam, and also the ignoring the PR department. CEO started more and more to avoid the review, but also avoiding communication with the rest of the team.
Bare in mind, that this has been a ongoing problem for Vivanox, for the past 3 months.

Teammembers knew, that if that review for Sandberg didn’t get uploaded soon, then they might will lose the sponser.
For the Vivanox team it is important to keep their promise to Sandberg.
Not only, for keeping Sandberg happy, but also that Vivanox didn’t get a bad name.

The team started to confront the CEO, and that has lead to, that Team didn’t wanted to work with the CEO.
They try to reason with CEO, but when there is no communication, then they were forced to use more drastic actions.
And that has lead to, that CEO was forced to step down.

Meanwhile all this happened, Miscni and Pallyqle has been working hard on the project, but it has been more paperwork, then codeing, which is really sad, so Pallyqle was asked to take over, the day to day operations with the codeing, Miscni was asked to take over the paperwork.
CrazyToby came around to lend a hand, and this are starting to look better, but it is far from perfect.

Us from Vivanox are truely sorry, for all these commotions/problems that has been with CEO, and also with the review that has been delayed.
So the review Miscni has written, are uploaded to the review section.
The second review schould be ready in the end of next month, maybe sooner, it all depends on, when the x’CEO will deliver the chair to another teammember.

Once again, we are sorry for all this, but we are working VERY hard to get these things fixed.

Thats it for now.

Best regard