1. June 2017

Sandberg Blast Mouse & Gamer Mouse pad Hard Aluminum:

Sorry for saying it, but the mouse is a total ripoff of the RAT version.
And that is said, it comes down to the mouse itself, and after having looking over the specs on that mouse,
and find someone to disassemble it, and take a look at the hardware inside.
Because we were wondering about something, and that was the change in performance.
Best performance, when working in Blender and Unreal, is when the Aluminum mouse pad is being used to the mouse.
When when the mouse pad to a different mouse pad, then you can feel a change in performance and accuracy.
All the different buttons on the mouse are handy, if you need them, and in our case we did, basicly for shortcuts in 3D blender, But it helped
Also having that mouse as a left hand is something that could sell a lot.