16. May 2017

What happend in April

Many of you have noticed, that we are ALOT behind, with our monthly blog.
We were faced with alot of different obstacles, so to be blunt,
we had to change our priorities, on what was important. (Website was added to low priority)

We are also experience problems with our email system, and it is being worked on,
but some things, take more time then other things,
so we are doing one task at the time.
We will do our best to keep facebook updated.

From our core-team, their main focus, has been finding bugs, because they experienced different compiling issues.
Because of that problem with compiling, that had lead all of us to a standstill, we couldn’t find the problem.
And those from the community that know, what certain people from the core-team are working with,
meaning by how much effort and energy, they have put into this project.
It also lead to different communication problems.

The last month also resulted in, that Mamaqueen had to leave our team.
We were all sad to see, that Mamaqueen had to leave,
she did such a great job, with promo the company.
We all hope and wish the best for her, and our door is always open, if she ever changed her mind.

As many of you may have noticed, when Tjoepapke had a live stream running,
that more detailed work are being added to the level.
That detail is also being added to our characters.
And some of you may know, that some detail for characters, really takes up alof of man/woman hours.

That was it for now
More to come in next month.