5. April 2017

What happened in March?

Many different and exciting things has happened, which is why we are delayed with our monthly blog, and for that, we are sorry.

Let’s take this from the top, shall we:
As some of you may know, we have tried to get in contact with Sandberg. There has been some email/phone correspondence, about what we had to offer Sandberg, and which experience we have had with their products over time. For a couple of months back, we wrote reviews, of some of Sandberg’s products. Please remember, that when we had that opportunity, we were working with the project down at Gamebyte.
Because of the reviews back then, and some updated ones, it was decided that we should setup a page on our website, called “Reviews”; go and take a look.

Now to the good news!
We welcome Sandberg, as one of the new official sponsors; we are very pleased, that this could happen. We are overjoyed with the support and help we have got from Sandberg.

As a little side note, we have been investigating the possibility for 3D printing our characters for the game as merchandise. We have also received a couple of test products from Invento.
It was not quite, what we had expected, but it is promising. We hope to hear more from Invento, but things take time.

We have been working on several promotion videos, which should show our dedicated viewers and business partners, how our project is progressing. That has given us some small bumps in the road, but nothing we could not handle.

Core team have also been working very hard, with adjusting the Core game.
Many of the things, that is being adjusted is mainly our UI aka User Interface. As many of you know, we are doing our best to make it simple, so you can add in your own UI.
We are not sure, if we can have that specific function ready, when we release the Alpha.
Our plan was to release the Alpha in the start of this month, but because of small problems in the Core game, we have decided to postpone the release indefinitely.

Core team have been working around the clock, to get different things to work properly, and things are progressing. Coordinating things and setting up different tasks, takes its toll on us. We still try our best, and give our best, and the results are very good.

Please remember that we try our best to have LIVE stream as much as possible, and look at our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch.
Because of the LIVE Streams, we have reached our first 100+ likes on Facebook, but we hope that we can get the same amount, of likes on Google+, Twitter and Instagram.
Remember, that there are some Alpha keys left, so apply on our website, for Alpha test.
Just another reminder to all of you: when we release Alpha, it is going to cost a little, to get access, but only for Windows and Mac users. It is free for all when the game is fully released.

See you soon!