1. March 2017

What happened in February?

Miscni and Tjoepapken worked hard the last three weeks, to get the map ready for the game. The map has been created in Unreal, moved back to 3D blender, and moved back to Unreal again, and this back and forth has been done very much recently.
Fortunately, Miscni and Tjoepapken, did it eventually, so even if there are still some different problems with the map, hard work and cooperation made it possible. Well done to you all and keep up the good work.

We would also like to welcome our newest member MamaQueen.
MamaQueens position in the company is a bit difficult to name.
Her job is to get Vivanox Studios on the right path, and she has done one hell of a job.

In our last blog, we asked the community to help us get the license to play music in our daily streams. Several users have recommended us to contact NoCopyrightSounds which has a large amount of free music.
Unfortunately, it gives us a great challenge to use music from the NCS. We have experienced many problems with YouTube, Twitch and Facebook when we LIVE stream with music from the NCS.
We have done our best to get in touch with NCS for licensing. We have tried with: e-mail, website contact, website chat and Facebook, and we still haven’t heard from them.
Suddenly we were told by another user that he had experienced the same thing, and did not know what to do.
We have also tried to add our logo on Twitch, and we do our best to add artists on YouTube and Facebook, but unfortunately, we know that we are still using copyrighted music.
We added in NCS to our credit list and link section, mainly to show that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get in touch with them and to get the license. So if any of you know NCS, please let them know that we have tried to get in touch with them.

As many of you have noticed, we have changed our website, but we are still working on it. We hope that the new layout is better and easier for all of you.

Tjoepapken has many LIVE streams with our game, which has meant that we have reached our first goal on Facebook, to get 100 likes. As many know, the first 100 likers on Facebook are guaranteed Alpha Access, but it doesn’t mean that Alpha Access are closed yet.
We still need 100 likes on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, and when that happens we will close it.
Therefore, all of us from Vivanox Studios will be very happy if you would help to share the LIVE streams we run, but please also help us reach 100 likes.

That’s it for this time.

See you in a month.