1. February 2017

What has happend in January 2017

January has given us a lot of challenges.
We have started to remake our levels with new designs.
We had 5 Levels, that was showing in boring grey Block.

But after our Level Designer (Tjoepapke) took over the levels, and has put ALOT of work into remakeing the levels, with textures and Objects.

All leves are moved over to 3D Blender, where we are doing a cleanup, so loading in to the level schouldn’t take long. Also Objects that is not needed in the level, will be removed or edited.

We are still working on the UI, the only section of the UI that is missing, if our Lobby.
So we are hopeing for, that our Lobby UI, schould be done in February.

Also rumors from Miscni are true, we are adding in a small feature called ”addons”
That will give each user the opportunity, to add in your own UI.

But the UI will support, from the Login section and all the way to ingame.

So on a later date, we will have a contest, where we will choose 3 of the best UI, that will be standard for the game, but the addon folder will still be there, if anybody want a different UI, then the 3 standards.

More information on the UI, will be added on the website for the game, on a later time. But it is alreayd functional.

Also we have experience alot of problems with LIVE Stream from Facebook, Facebook problem is that they dont have any copyright agreements with music from Twitch.

Also because of that, we are trying to get in contact with different music authors, that are interested in, to let us play music while we stream.
We dont have any interested, of makeing money of the music, but on some later time, that we can buy the music for our ingame, then that option is possibul, and more.

We have some suggestions for those who are interested in, to hear what we might can offer

We are looking for music artist from this category : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMG7O604mXF1Ahqs-sABJA
Not particularly those authors, but something in that genre.

But because of the copyright issue, it has take ALOT of our own time, to send email back and forth, with youtube, facebook and twitch, and ofcourse it is understandle, that the copyright needs to be uphold.

But back to the matter at hand.

Miscni has been in contact with Sandberg again, but we dont think, that Sandberg can see what, we are trying to achieve, we have some really great offers to many of the different companies.
So things are quite simpel, if those companies says no, to our offer, well that is just to bad for them.

In a near future, we will start to close our Alpha Sign up, so when that happens, then if people want to have access, then it will cost 25 USD, and that will only be in Alpha and Beta test, but that is only for Windows and Mac users.
Dont worry Linux users, we are working on something different for you people, and we think that you will like our idea alot. (Linux users , ”Cost free”) more information will come.

We have other things, that has happend, but we cannot get into that yet, but on a later time, you all will know, what that is about.

Remeber to like us on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. The first 100 likes, on each site, will get a the game for free, when we release the alpha.

Remember to look over our links section, and sponsor section, those sections are being updated regulary.

That was it for now people

See yaa all in a month.