2. January 2017

What has happend in December

First and foremost, We are sad to announce, that some from the team has left Vivanox Studios.
Just remember, we will always have the door open, if any of you should decide to return.
When that is said.

Lets get down to the story at hand.
Because of lot of different things, has happened in December, so we will try to explain it all.

Misc had come down to GameByte in Køge for about 1½ month.
Things where great at the netcafe. 🙂 , (And we will return there in the near future.)

We had the privileged, to see and try out some of ”Sandberg” Esportquiptment for PC.
And it is okay for programming/3D , but when it comes to gaming, then we cannot say anything,
since none of us, down there was gaming, we where only programming ;).

Sandberg Derecho Headset :
Headset fits well, do take some time, to get use to, Vivanox use wireless,
so the cable was a a little annoying, or in the way.
Mainly us from Vivanox Studios, work with Wireless headset with 12m radius,
we would like to try out the wireless you have. Most of us are use to Logitech G930.
Microphone and Headset is working fine. We tested it on our game, and on
Teamspeak, Discord and Skype, and it has worked perfectly, also the hidden function with the microphone,
where it is hidden up at the side of the speaker, that is brilliant. (Thumbs up)
Bass boost button is a nice feature, but getting once ears blown away, was not fun
Sandberg Thunderstorm Keyboard Nordic :
Keyboard has a cool design, works fine, and when pressing fast on those buttons, and trust me,
some of us actually write pretty fast. 😉 , but the click sound, that button gives, and also take into account,
when you work with persons that find sounds like that irritating, and for for people like them,
it sounds like a draw of knifes/forks banging back and forth really fast.
The change of color is a nice feature, but where is the off button, it can be annoying with the color change.

Sandberg Blast Mouse & Gamer Mouse pad Hard Aluminum:
Sorry for saying it, but the mouse is a total ripoff of the RAT version.
And that is said, it comes down to the mouse itself, and after having looking over the specs on that mouse,
and find someone to disassemble it, and take a look at the hardware inside.
Because we were wondering about something, and that was the change in performance.
Best performance, when working in Blender and Unreal, is when the Aluminum mouse pad is being used to the mouse.
When when the mouse pad to a different mouse pad, then you can feel a change in performance and accuracy.
All the different buttons on the mouse are handy, if you need them, and in our case we did, basicly for shortcuts in 3D blender, But it helped
Also having that mouse as a left hand is something that could sell a lot.

That was our review about the products, that we had the chance to work with.
Sadly we didn’t get a chance to try out your Commander Gaming Chair.
We are on the lookout for Commander Gaming Chair and Blue Storm Wireless Headset.

Overall, if you wont some special customers, then give us a call or email.
We may have something to offer you (Sandberg).

Back to the story.

When it was about mid December, Miscni had to leave Køge, and get back to Jylland.
Already after 2 days, people start to ask by mail, what are you guys going, what has happen etc.
So it was decided that since we already showed our work on GameByte, then we would go live streaming.

Also we working on, to setup some more information about our streaming.
So people can get in direct contact with us, if there is anything.

Monday – Friday 12.00-17.00 GMT+1  on Facebook – Twitch – YouTube.

Also don’t forget OVERTIME, when Miscni is streaming.
Ask him, and he’ll tell you 🙂
OVERTIME can be Fun. 😉
(We are working on, when we stream, that we stream over 7 places at once, not only to get a bigger,
but more for to let people know, that what we are doing is actually, at a point where we are looking for talent,
and those talents can have a look/see, what is happening).

Back to the story

So after we started streaming, we experience a lot of interest to our project.
We also got more likes on our facebook etc, and we are so happy to see that increase on new users , that you so much all.
All these things were starting to look better for each day. (Being positive never hurt anyone 😉 )

Miscni grab the phone, when he had the chance, and called Sandberg, told them some ideas and suggestions,
it was arranged, that Vivanox Studio should try sending them a email, to show what we have to offer.
(We are still working on the email, we have just been VERY busy)

Until suddenly Miscni was contacted by watchmework.com , which is a streaming service,
that offers authors, streaming service to what they create, and get in touch with other authors.
After we got an invite, then Miscni meet tjopapke.

Tjopapke is a streamer that, has his focus most on Level/Enviroment.

But when he was shown, what project Vivanox was working on, and how far it had progressed,
then things really started to change, and shifting to a higher gear 🙂
Meanwhile we have setup a Discord service for our community, we are working on the website, but things take time.

We still have a lot of empty blanks to fill out, when it comes to this story, but that will happen over stream.

We also need to get in touch with watmework.com, because we are working on something,
we hope that would benefit all. (Dont worry, we will send a email)
More information about watchmework.com, then have a look at our link section.
After all this happened, Vivanox Studio started to have a more intensive work with Feral Computing,
which lead to, that Feral Computing is the first Sponsor on our game, and we bid their whole team a BIG AND HUGE WELCOME.

If people will have a look at the sponsor section, then you will notice, that Feral Computing and Vivanox Studio has been added,
that means, our loading screens are not empty anymore 🙂 , but we are still looking for sponsors.

But overall there has really happened a lot of positive thing, not everything is at bad, as it may look like for some.

That was it for now people.

See yaa all in a month.