1. December 2016

What has happend in November

November month has made different changes for us at Vivanox Studios.

Miscni saw a Netcafe in Køge called GameByte.
He talked with the owner of the Netcafe, and asked, if it could be possibul,
to show what Vivanox Studios had to offer with the project.

But Miscni was the first time only asking for a place to rent, for a one day or 2,
and show what we had to offer.

The day after, Miscni went down again to GameByte, and approached the owner,
with a second idea.
Idea was, as many of you facebook users have noticed.
Vivanox Studios sponsers 3 computers for a month, and Miscni comes down as often he can, to show what our project, and what it is about.

Miscni started the day after. And a after a couple of days, some gamers came over to talk, and they wanna hear what the project was about.
When they saw the project running. Alot of Different gamers was amazed.

The game was more then a standard FirstPersonGamemode shooter, it also support ThirdPersonGamemode, and not to mention TopDownGamemode function to.

But the coolest thing was, that the different gamers that aproached us, was amazed over, that you could play a game, were the function to change to that gamemode you prefer to play, before the game starts, and each player on the team, has his own options for that, before the game starts, was very different. As weird it may sound, alot of people was saying: WHY HASN’T THAT KIND OF GAME BEEN MADE YET.
Well us from Vivanox Studios cannot answer why that kind of game hasn’t been made, but we are working on it. 🙂

Besides that Miscni is showing of what Vivanox Studiox is trying to build.
Vivanox Studios has also aproached Facebook Group (Unreal Engine Developers Denmark)
Trying to show the Danish community, that there are a very small company, that are trying to get the peoples attention in that group, not only asking for a little help, but also trying giving a helping hand back.

Sadly not that many, has shown that kind of interest, even that there are 2 computers free for people to come and use.
But we are not giving up that easy, it was decided, that we will give it a try again here I December.

Sorry we got a little sidestepped on that subject. Our bad 😉

Well after a 2 weeks, Miscni got to know another company called VibeMarketing, that is telemarketing company, and they are always looking for new and stabile customers.
They are really hard working, and have some really fair prices.

After about 3 Weeks, Miscni got some parts from Vivanox Studios, that was donated to GameByte,
Vivanox Studios has been treated really good, by GameByte.
Also takeing into account, that GameByte was very open about opensource software:
Like: 3D Blender, Gimp, Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio Community, Fuse etc.

Vivanox Studios plan was to try, to get a better network with companies, and listen to the different gamers ideas/feedback.
And hopefully over time more volentary people would join up.

We have also promised that the Alpha-release of the project, will happen at GameByte.
Reason for that is, that people at GameByte play either FirstPersonShooter, Thirdperson , or MOBA. And we wanna hear, what we have done wrong, and what can we do better.
When is all this going to happend, that we cannot say, because we are still fixing the worst bugs.
But we can say this much, keep a close eye on our website and Facebook.

That’s it for now.

See yaa all next month.