31. October 2016

What has happend the last 2 months?

Well to let you all know, what has happend the last 2 months, then we have to start from the first month in september.

It all started, when we experience more and more crashed, with our core game.

And after a huge meeting it was decided, that we upgrade our Engine to a newer version.

PallyQle and Miscni was asked, if it could be moved from the old Engine to a newer version of the Engine.

Miscni and PallyQle did the moveing under a week, 5 days to be excact.

After the moveing, Miscni, CrazyToby and PallyQle noticed that even the new version was functional as it should, it still gave issues on the core, that was due to some plugins, that was not uptodate.

So a new meeting was arrangeded with the group.
Those plugins that was giving issues was removed, and new plugins was added in.

And wonder why things starts to work better and better day after day (sorry for the sarcasmen).

Meanwhile the new plugins was added in, but then we started to experience new bugs. (And find bugs is fun) 🙂 And the first bug hunt took around 5 days also.

Well no matter, we had used around 11 days at that point, out of the new month in September.

We also have to take to account, that PallyQle and CrazyToby are studying.

Miscni was in his neck with server setup for the systems etc, plus trying to help, when time is, with the PR. (sadly PR didn’t not happend).

We are normally 5-7 peope on the team, but many weird things happend in that month, so not all can be explained.

But things was not looking good for our PR with Facebook, Google+ etc)

Suddenly Miscni was in contact with CaptainMigraine, and Vivanox Studios love his work and ideas, and ofcourse his passion for Unreal Engine, not to mention many of his other skillsets.

He had some props that we could use for our game, and ofcourse us from Vivanox Studios would gladly show the rest of the world, what nice works he offers. But Vivanox Studios insisted on, to give him a donation for his work.

New props was added in to the game, and very slowly things started to look better, not only because of CaptainMigraine, but also for our new plugins.

More work, was added, but also at the same time Vivanox Studios was standing with one foot out of the door, because there were rumors about, that we had to move.

The good news is that Vivanox Studios didn’t get to move out of there living space, so for now, they are staying where they are now. 🙂

Much hard work was focused on the game in September, but that led to PR/Website was being neglected.

That leads us to October.

October month was looking a bit brighter, but there was still some bumps on the road, when it came to the game.

And that month, was very different in a good way.

Crazytoby, PallyQle and Miscni was still working on the game, and it was giving issues, so Miscni decided to meet with Crazytoby and see, if they had overlooked somethings.

The bugs was found. But it raised new questions.

We now had to face either keep the new plugin system we are using, or add in a older version, that has been updated. Also we needed to consider, how much time is going to be used, on that.

Now our only problem now is the animations.

Let’s be frank here : Mixamo does make some easy animations etc, but when you start to setup your game correct, then you also want to have the rest to function correct. It all comes down to, that we want to do the best we can to make the game perfect, before we start to release it. (So we are still looking for people in that section to).

Even we found the bugs etc, now it is time to fix the animations, so they function correctly.

Vivanox Studios Management had decided for a while back, that it would be a good idea, to setup a meetup/pr for what Vivanox Studio are trying to achieve, but also trying to get some more people from the group UEDD aka Unreal Engine Developers Denmark to meetup, and hear what ideas they may have, or may wanna contribute or maybe something totally different.

Miscni contacted the Management, and told them about a Netcafe (Gamebyte APS), that could fit those needs, to a fair price.

However this is being held in Denmark, on a later date.

That is how far we are right now.

So that is this for now. See yaa next month (Hopefully)