1. September 2016

What has happend latety!!

What has happend lately.

Normally we have a new blog each month, but we have all been very occupied.
There has happend some changes on the team, some of the team members has left, mainly reason for that, was because that some from the team got some good job offers.
And lets be honest, a real job pays better then voluntary 😉

We also have been looking for a new place, where the company can be could be moved to.
But those places that we have been looking for, were either to expensive, or to small in room size.

So because of all that, we have not had the time to write on our blog.
So it was decided, that we change our newsblog to the first working day each starting month, so that we upload news about our project and how it is progressing

We have also decided to remove Computersalg from our links section, mainly reason for this is, that computersalg and Vivanox Studios dont see things eye to eye.

Dont get us wrong, Computersalg do offer many different and good things.
But lately we dont like the way, some people are being treated by Computersalg.
We do hope the best for Computersalg.

Now back to our game 🙂
Alle characteres ingame are working as they should.
So now we are working on to add weapons to some of them.

We have 3 weapons now. Dont worry more are being added in.


We are aware of, that you wanna see more, but that is something that Miscni has promised to do, next time he streams on twitch, and ofcourse everything is being uploaded to youtube afterwards.

Also our monthly budget is 500 USD, so please show your support, by donating a little if you like what we are doing.

That’s it for now, see you all next month.