15. July 2016

What has happend in June

We can say this, that Miscni gave us a positive surprise, that he started to stream on twich for Vivanox Studios.

Miscni are aware of, that he may not do things correctly, when it comes to blender, but at least the job is being done.

Also all the streams we make, are being uploaded to our youtube from now on.

We have encounted some issues wih our servers, so we have had to focus, on fixing that first, and that has taken some more time, then we realized.

The team right now, only has 2 people working on the project, because the rest of the team is still on vacation. And we wish them all a good vacation. And are looking forward to see them, when they get back. So we can get team up to full strength.

But with those 2, we have on the team working have made some really good changes.

Second level for the game is added.
All abilities for the characters has also been added and setup to each character.
Login and Regiser system, has been setup and is functional.

Our next goal is the XP system, so it can function correctly, combined with some extra features that we cannot get into right now.
But on a later time we will let you guys know what that is.

It may be a short monthly blog, but since our team is not up to full strength, then we can only tell this much for now.

We know that next month will look better.