13. June 2016

What has happend in May

First of all, we want to say sorry for being late with our monthly blog.
But put that aside, then we also wanna say a big WELCOME to our 3 newest teammembers.

First and foremost, bid welcome to Nipuna, his job is to work with level-design and UI-Design.
We are really looking forward to see, what magic you can bring to the team.

Second we bid welcome to our Web-dev team Akaningyou and Erik.
Can only say, what the ideas/talents that you have brought to the table, then it would only be folish to say no, to that proposal you guys came with.

Vivanox Studios are very happy to say welcome to all 3 of you guys.

We are hopeing to see many positiv things from our new team members.
Also we have updated our Links section, so it is now possibul to see, some of the others team members porfolia.

Besides the good news about new team members, we have also some new things to tell you all.

We are still working hard, to get our project up and running, so you guys can see what is going on, that means, that we are working on to release some screenshots very soon. We still dont have a date for those screenshots, but we are makeing alot of them.
So please be a little patience, and we know it is hard to wait.

Sad to say, some of us from the team, have been a little busy with Exams, but we have been doing a little on the project.

We have also started testing some more of the game, and the results at some points have been very promising.

But also we have learned that even things dont work right, the first or second time, then you just have to try harder.

We are also planning on, to make some videos of the team, so you can see what we are working on, but also what our plans are.
This is something that has been talked alot about, but we never seem to have the time for it.

Also we wanna say thank you to those people, that has been trying to link our Facebook / Google+ page around.

Thats it for now.

We do hope next months blog is going to be more exciting.

Best Regards

Vivanox Studios