13. May 2016

What has happend in April?

April has been a slow month.
We have been makeing some small modifications on the website, we hope that you guys like it.
Basicly the team needed some time off, mainly because of the holidays etc,
so not much has been done.
And because of that, we have decided to answer, some of the questions that we have been getting by email.

How many hits do you have on facebook?
We have for the time being ,154 hits and 41 likes on our page, and it may not be much, but it is a start, and we hope over time, that it will increase

How many hits do you have on Google+?
We have 13.346 hits on and only 4 likes, however our google+ page has been shown that much, we do hope over time, that our numbers of likes will increase.

Why do you have a youtube channel, and also why is not being used?
We are working on, to have our youtube channel up and running, but we have been to busy with many other things, we are hopeing for, in the future that it will change, so you see what we are working with.

When are we going to see some new screenshots of your game?
Alot of people have been asking that, and that is something we are working on, but we are not satisfied with the result we have right now. But it is something that we have talked alot about.
Sadly we dont have any date, when that is going to happend.
When are there going to be changes on your website?
Yeah as many of you may know, we have alot of different things about the game, and that is our main focus,
where the website is not our first priority, but in time that will change.

Are you still looking for talent?
Yes, we are indeed looking for talent, but when people hear that is voluntarily for now, many of those who has shown a interest in joining, has walked away.

Is it true, that you have been DDos?
For a little while back we did experience that our community servers was attacked.
Even that nothing was lost, it has made us think. Because of the DDos, that has made us aware, that somebody are interested in our project, and what we are doing, has giving us new energy to get this project up and running.

Is your game going to be Free to Play, and what OS do you support?
Our plan is, that the game should support Linux, Mac and Windows, and yes, it schould be Free to Play.

Are you considering using Steam Greenlight?
No, not for the time being, but maybe on a later time.