18. April 2016

What has happend in March?

We are first and foremost very sorry, that it has taken a little longer, before we posted our newest information about the proejct. But many things has taken a direction to the better.

We have been very busy with the project, as always.

That has lead to, that we are behind with our monthly blog issue here, and for that, we are sorry.

But we can say this much, that ALOT has happend.

We have gotten some outside support/help with the proejct, and that has really changed alot of things for the team.

For instance, we have setup our Target System, for our teams, and combining that with our casting system.

Also we have changed alot of different names etc, for different spells/abilities, and are still chaning it. But we are getting closer and closer each day, to a better and more stable release.

Things has also been more quite, since we started to show people what direction, we wanted this project to go, and that has also been a gamechanger to the better.

Bare in mind, that we are starting to make changes around the this website, and the closed website to. But it is all for the better.