12. March 2016

What has happend in February?

Well February has been a hard month.

First and foremost, we have cleaned up our creditlist, that was a really hard thing to do. But it had to be done.

After seeing, what direction this project is going, and also experience, that some people on the team, wanted to go a different direction. And because of that, the best solution we saw was, to let go of those people, that includes also plugins we have used in the past, but dont use anymore.
We wish and hope for the best for those, who is not on the team anymore, or were on our creditlist.

Our first test-drive of the game, that means the core of the game, worked like a charm.

But it also showed us, what needs to be fixed. And trust us, there is ALOT of fixing to do.

Also we have finished up our animations for all 16 characters, and that is being added to the game, though it is easy made animations, it should give an idea of, what we are aiming for.