11. February 2016

What has happend in January

Well alot has been happening the last month.

In the start of the month, we have gotten some Hardware donated to us (Oculus Rift SDK2) Really Nice, and we are very happy, to have gotten this donation.
Also we have added in a new link to Computersalg.dk, mainly because they are that only company, where we buy all our computerparts.
But we recommend people to go there, and have alook, what they have to offer.

Also We can tell, that we have worked on a login-system for our lobby, and that is going very well, though it has been abit tricky.

Though the design is still VERY bad, all off our efforts, have been more focused on the game, and that is going in the right direction.

We can say this much, that we have 18 Characters for the game. (Male and Females).
What the names, abilities etc, are being added to the main website, but for the time being, that is still closed to the public.

We are still looking for talent. But everybody who apply to us, has to be aware of, that we use NDA.