5. January 2016

What has happend?

Alot of different things has happend.

We are working on a new website for our game, mainly so you people can see, what we have been working with.
The website will contain information about, the characters, abilities, and descriptions.

Also some information about the different maps, that would be possibul to play.

Our trainee has left us, so he could come back to school, but the core of our game if functional. (Thanks to him)

We are always looking for talent, mostly in the 3D Character section with Animation, but also if somebody has knowledge about Networking and codening in C++/Blueprints.
But people still have to understand, that it is voluntary.

Our Facebook/Google+ promoter has been ill for quite a while, because our focus have been on other things.

But from now on, we are working to have more information, on our blog 1 day each month.