Our currently budget are 500 USD a month, and that is fairly cheap,
when it is compared with all the time and effort that are being put in to this project,
which expands over 6 years. Not that many small companies have done that.
Also we do our really best, not to exceed that amount.

Why should you donate to us, and what do Vivanox offer in return?
We have different people, that are helping us with our game,
and what alot people know, that some things need to be paid for.
That includes servers, code, 3D design etc.

Bank info Andelskassen
Bank Regnr 5971
Bank Kontonr 8096056
Ban Iban DK3059710008096056

MOBILEPAY COMING SOON !!!! (Denmark, Sweden and Norway Only)

The only news we will show for the time being, are the news we have on our website, Facebook, Instagram.


Best Regards