This section is for all the help/support Vivanox , has been getting the last 2 years.
If we can return a favor, then we will do our best, to do so.

But for now, we can only offer you our thanks.

Seriously we would not be, where we are today, if it was not for all you helpful people out there.

Bare in mind, that we keep having this updated.
And yeah, you are promised the (closed Alpha-keys) invite (Dont worry). 😉
If we have forgotten any, then please contact us through Discord or Email.
So here goes.

Kevin : Have never meet a more gifted person, as you. Did not matter, what you got asked to do, you got it fixed. (Dude you are worth millions).
Morro : Sad you stopped your education, because you were really good, we will always have a spot open, if you get second thoughts. 😉
Bøllemis : Thank you for helping us out, with our first four ”test 3D Models”. Hope you will be giving advise like that again next time.;)
Hell : Getting the colormode idea, also asking for a different gamemode that we did not consider. Really hope to work with you again some day. 😉
Ardenlyn : You have so much potential, really hope to see more of your art and ideas in the future.
Miscni : You are a wierdo, but without you, this could not have happend at all.
Lilletøsen : You always maked us smile, and let us see things, from a angle, that we did not see our selfs.
Pally qle : Your logic did all the difference, not to mention all the hard work, you have put in this project. (Remeber our offer still stands 😉 )
Quazye : Your expertise with API, and C++ is really the Bomb. Keep up the good work.
CrazyToby : You know your shit dude. We could not have been so far withour your help.

Company Credits
NoCopyrightSounds : All those different various artists, does make our workflow much easier, we highly recommend your music.
Watchmework : Thank so much, for helping us. We will do our best to return the favor.

Vivanox thank you all